Welcome to our Seuss’d-Up Library!

I had fun this summer cleaning, organizing, re-arranging, and decorating our library. I can hardly wait for you guys to see it in person tomorrow!


libraryfall2015-1 libraryfall2015-2 libraryfall2015-3 libraryfall2015-4

The elementary readers are all on the right when you enter the library, so our storytime rug was moved to that side of the room.  All of the nonfiction is opposite, making it easier for you to find the books you need for your research.


I put up one of my favorite Dr. Seuss quotes- I hope it will help you seize every opportunity this year!

“You have brains in your head, you have feet in your shoes, you can steer yourself any direction you choose.”

libraryfall2015-6 libraryfall2015-7 libraryfall2015-8


In the media center, some pool noodles, duct tape, and tissue paper turned into Truffula Trees!


libraryfall2015-9 libraryfall2015-10


How many Seuss hats can you find in the library?



Here’s a hat placed to help you find some Seuss reading material.



Crayons, markers, and other supplies have their home right up front- grab a caddy if you need some.  Just make sure to put it back when you’re finished.

libraryfall2015-13 libraryfall2015-14 libraryfall2015-15


Mini truffula tree pots hold pens and pencils at the media station.  Some pom-poms glued on the tips help you remember that they belong here.  We want to make sure all the truffula trees stay home in their spots this year!

libraryfall2015-16 libraryfall2015-18 libraryfall2015-19


We have some new friends on our shelves.

libraryfall2015-20 libraryfall2015-21 libraryfall2015-23 libraryfall2015-24 libraryfall2015-25


And one special print came back with me from Paris.  Maybe we’ll have to see what else we can turn music symbols into in music class this year!



I’ll see you all tomorrow!

~ Mrs. P.